Collaboration with architecture students Jenna Frowein, Yang Lui, and Yang Xie for the UIA HYP Competition. The Xitucheng district of Beijing is unintentionally divided by the Yuan Dadu City Wall Ruins Park and stream cutting through the district.
The city is here stitched together via introduction of a series of packed circles in plan. The circle promotes unity, linking existing structures and developing new interconnected garden paths, sky bridges, and co-living residential developments within this geometric framework.
Co-living residential towers are assembled on site from precast modular units. A simple set of radial units make it possible to grow towers of various shapes and sizes, holding to the ground or spreading like the canopy of a tree. New authorship is granted to the community as each tower takes on a character of its own. 
A set of six radial units offers a near infinite set of unique tower forms and community spaces. All units radiate around a central light-well and circulation core, providing inward security and outward views.