Aboubacar Komara and Matt Turlock co-founded Kaloum Bankhi, a volunteer architecture organization. Kaloum Bankhi's mission is to develop a community and relationship-driven approach to the building of affordable, sustainable, and vibrant architecture serving the social good. Matt Turlock is a team lead at Kaloum Bankhi, leading design projects and grant applications to continue building affordable housing in Conakry, Guinea.
How can affordable housing construction be taught and efficiently delivered? The Kaloum Bankhi affordable housing model relies on a three part innovation, using 1) physical and staged retrofit of existing slum households, 2) phased financial savings plans, and 3) existing sociocultural systems to deliver durable and space efficient  housing to the slums of Kaloum. The innovation won first place at the 2019 University of California Big Ideas Competition.
Kaloum Bankhi's mission to provide a vibrant architecture with a human narrative has extended to California with the design of an amphitheater for the Wow Flower project.